Given more time I would like to continue this project but i as it is it still has lots of visual apeal. There are still some issues with the detailed texturing. Also the resolution im working in isnt really allowing me to put detailed alpha trees on the distant peaks.  They are so distant that they dont really change the feel of the environment.  Even if I make them slightly emissive they have negligable effect on the overall scene. I need to work more on the pagotas as well, they don't stand out against the rest of the environment.
When i continue working on this i will have to find a way to overcome the lighting and increase the saturation of just the architecture in the scene.
Its been a long week and i didnt get to finish my game like I intended to.  I still made a lot of progress though.  I finished off the dialogue avatars and game them some shadows.  I also made a character sprite for the captain even though he has no powers. 

I was starting to try and make the intro and ending screens.  Health prevented me from actually getting them in this week, but I have models and animations for a number of planets and planet bombs as well as the yamato ship itself. 

I was having trouble getting them into game because they had to many frames.  Im sure I can work  around this and make the game not lag but I just couldnt get it working  in time for this week.
Ok, so the main part of the game is completed, minus a little art replacement.  AND the latest play-tester failed to break anything YAAAAYYYY

left to do:
intro and ending animations
a few avatar replacements
fix the menu screens

Assuming nothing catastrophic happens, it should be finished on time by text week

also, the latest video lagged when recorded, game works fine to my knowledge
New video test for Starblazers!!!

Till a lot of glitches to fix, number displays that don't always pop up, animations that need to be added, avatars that need to be changed


Ive been adding battle animations because that was the next thing people were complaining about.  Ive also added quite a few sound effects.




My next environment I'm working on will be a little challenging for me.  I don't have a lot of practice on natural objects.  So far Ive got a good base of unwrapped object that i think can be duplicated to make a majority of the scene.

Ive also started playing around with the lighting

However almost all of my textures are just place holders at the moment.  They are all to harsh at the moment and don't have that soft quality that the reference image has.  I hope to remedy this soon.

Also I actually vertex painted moss on the rocks but you cant see it at all.  I think i might get the right effect if i change the moss material to be slightly emissive.