Current Render

So i am almost done with my environment.  All of my modeling is finished and Ive got a good general sense of the lighting but i still need to get that blown out white light coming from the ceiling to work. 

Ceiling light fix

Floor fog maybe?

Fix textures on throne

Shrink waterfall width


Make fabric move (if time)

Not sure if ill have time to finish all this but the ceiling light is first priority.  I might be able to accomplish alot of it with post processing to but there definitely needs to be more light or maybe just turn up the ones i already have.
Also i just wanted to mention what a bitch this flooring was.  I did it in two parts.  The first was this circular design which is made with lots of photoshop rotation and some dDo.  The second part is that center design which i placed with a mask but i had to recreate the entire design by hand to get it to fit the environment.


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