Construct 2 screen cap
(with place holder art from the series)
FInally decided on a theme and program for my RPG game that i intend to make
Starblazers Space battle RPG
I have chosen to use COnstruct 2. I looked at several RPG makers but all of them seem rather limited and force you to stay in set formats.  Initial programming for just the basic game play shouldnt be to hard anyways so i feel comfortable that i can make my own initial battle sequence even without things like RPG Maker
The initial battles will be based with all the crew in the control room of the yamato.  Characters will have have varying powers based on their jobs in the series.  for now all im going to try and tackle is this fighting mechanic (as seen in the construct image above)  but as i finish more i want to expand it more to the RPG aspects where you level up your party, choose which crew members to battle with, and even a world map.  But first things first.  In the long run i think construct to will give me more of the feature editing freedom i want.

Also i havent decided yet on the art style.  if i have time i might model out the bridge in 3D and render out 2D images.  For right now as place holders i am using screencaps from the show.


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