Last week we spend most of the day getting up to date with our programmers, telling them of the changes we wanted and some of the glitches that still need to be fixed.

I also modeled out better roots that will allow us to make the glowing mushrooms look more like they cohesively fit into the scene by entwining it with the surrounding rocks

using the same style i also made branching roots that we can use for the "doors"
They will descend down from the roof to block the player's progress.  The ones we had before looked out of place but with the new roots that will crawl out from the mushrooms should tie the mechanic together.

we are still having discrepancies with the lighting colors, so we are going to continue to make more color sheets.
I also made a new model for our frog enemy

The frog is going to block the player from accurately firing their snot. The new model is ready for rigging and animation but only a temporary texture has been made

We are still discussing whether to use animated textures or polygons to make the frog blink.  Appending new polys will probably end up being the final solution

The final Frog texture will probably glow as well and emit just like the mushrooms (not sure how good emissive white eyes are going to look, but we will see)



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