Ive started in on the art.  started modeling out the ship with 3ds max and then adding thicker lines to the rendered images in photoshop to give it a cartoony look to match my chibi art style.

Thick lineart should connect all the components stylistically

Im starting to phase out the reference image and starting to do the animations.  Now they cheer when they get troop moral or health.  All the healthbars are active now as well.  The basics of the battle system and attacks all work. Its hard to tell they are working sometimes since i dont have the art to illustrate things happening in variables.  There is still a ton of art and animation to do.

In order to expand some of the cramped features i made a descending view screen for any dialogue.  I decided to leave the menus as individual elements because there was so little info on them, it didnt look visually pleasing to have two buttons floating around the huge screen.

I also got the programming working so that the game takes turns between the enemy and the player.

At this point i THINK all the programming is done at least in the basic form.  So unless i find something broken or come up with something to add, it should be just adding lots of content: animations, background, character images for dialogue, and sounds



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