First i have set up an array for each of the three characters so that i can change a menu to fit their own attacks if you click on them in battle
Next i need code that will implement each of these arrays  into the text box when the characters are clicked.
COntinuing work on the Starblazers RPG

ive started by trying top get the basic battle system working.  for starters ive made three characters

Venture - green
Wildstar - red
Nova - yellow

The ship they are fighting will be the blue box when i get around to getting it working.  But for now im starting with the characters.
Finally, the code to make the menu appear.  I followed a little of a tutorial, but it wasnt quite what i needed, it was for a screen that would allow you to pause and such, it wasnt meant for in game selections. 
There is something wrong with my code, i think individually it all works but that there is something about event order i dont understand.  I need to consult poeple who are more familiar with construct.  Im pretty sure im supposed to have one of my functions looping to make this work but im not sure what.


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