I also set up three HealthBars.  One for the ship's crew, one for the ship's shield, and one for the enemy's health.  All are running already and are set up to a health/shield variable on the sprite.

Next i just need to figure out how to get a really simple AI that chooses the enemy's attacks and some code that slows things down. (right now actions occur instantly one after the other)
Ok, new screenshot.  I completely revamped how i was setting up the menus  Now its based off of set visibility instead of pulling from arrays. This feels more like the long hand way of programing out menus because each character needed its own independent menu scripts but i guess its better in the long run because im not to familiar with construct yet. 

At the moment each of the four characters i have in game pop up with a menu with their battle moves and if you select one, it will close the window.  There is also a max number of characters that select will let you use and then it shuts down  (intentionally programed this to transition to the enemy's turn which ill be adding next)


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