I have been tweaking lots of things in Starsnott lately, so i haven't really been posting NEW things, more just slight modifications to make things fit together better

I used the same model and rig we had for Snotty (yes as we have no official name i have elected to refer to him as Snotty) and edited his textures.  As we made new characters like the frog people were wanting everything to be more and more cute.  SO, i edited his eye to be super big.  I edited the mesh a little to make this work too, but i don't think it will break the rig we already have.

Our level designers also asked for just more assets of things you might find in caves that we could use for either decoration or as intractable objects, so i made them a few crystal clusters.  I completely unwrapped them but I'm thinking a procedural transparent texture will do better then a diffuse.


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