I also set up three HealthBars.  One for the ship's crew, one for the ship's shield, and one for the enemy's health.  All are running already and are set up to a health/shield variable on the sprite.

Next i just need to figure out how to get a really simple AI that chooses the enemy's attacks and some code that slows things down. (right now actions occur instantly one after the other)
Ok, new screenshot.  I completely revamped how i was setting up the menus  Now its based off of set visibility instead of pulling from arrays. This feels more like the long hand way of programing out menus because each character needed its own independent menu scripts but i guess its better in the long run because im not to familiar with construct yet. 

At the moment each of the four characters i have in game pop up with a menu with their battle moves and if you select one, it will close the window.  There is also a max number of characters that select will let you use and then it shuts down  (intentionally programed this to transition to the enemy's turn which ill be adding next)
my group liked the crystals i made for them so i made some more that were easier to place or to utilize as very large singular assets.  I also finished off the textures for the slug and made emissive masks for both him and Snotty

Finally i redid the parallax i made before to have specular masks and normals so that the parallax can match the new rock textures we have.

I have been tweaking lots of things in Starsnott lately, so i haven't really been posting NEW things, more just slight modifications to make things fit together better

I used the same model and rig we had for Snotty (yes as we have no official name i have elected to refer to him as Snotty) and edited his textures.  As we made new characters like the frog people were wanting everything to be more and more cute.  SO, i edited his eye to be super big.  I edited the mesh a little to make this work too, but i don't think it will break the rig we already have.

Our level designers also asked for just more assets of things you might find in caves that we could use for either decoration or as intractable objects, so i made them a few crystal clusters.  I completely unwrapped them but I'm thinking a procedural transparent texture will do better then a diffuse.
Also i didnt realize untill after my selection of this image that it was from World of Warcraft
New Project for 3D  envionments class.  We have two weeks to model an environment.  I think i can do this concept art in 3D inthat amount of time.  with minor variations, it should be mirrorable anyways.

Im thinking of modeling EVERYTHING in max and then doing particles and lighting in Unreal UDK.  There is a chance ill do the fabric in UDK as well, but i think ill be more comfortable modeling out the folds with soft select or something.
Here is my start, untextured of course for now. the arch still needs some work but i think im happy with the fabric, espescially when i get some textures on it.
First i have set up an array for each of the three characters so that i can change a menu to fit their own attacks if you click on them in battle
Next i need code that will implement each of these arrays  into the text box when the characters are clicked.
COntinuing work on the Starblazers RPG

ive started by trying top get the basic battle system working.  for starters ive made three characters

Venture - green
Wildstar - red
Nova - yellow

The ship they are fighting will be the blue box when i get around to getting it working.  But for now im starting with the characters.
Finally, the code to make the menu appear.  I followed a little of a tutorial, but it wasnt quite what i needed, it was for a screen that would allow you to pause and such, it wasnt meant for in game selections. 
There is something wrong with my code, i think individually it all works but that there is something about event order i dont understand.  I need to consult poeple who are more familiar with construct.  Im pretty sure im supposed to have one of my functions looping to make this work but im not sure what.
The bigdog model is finished and so it his CAT rig and animation.  There were not many references that didnt have shells besides the main detail outline i had, so the back side of him isnt nearly as detailed.  But this robot doesnt really have a symmetric body/cage to begin with

i have made him his own detailed page on the Tech object page  
CLICK HERE  the animation is also there
Construct 2 screen cap
(with place holder art from the series)
FInally decided on a theme and program for my RPG game that i intend to make
Starblazers Space battle RPG
I have chosen to use COnstruct 2. I looked at several RPG makers but all of them seem rather limited and force you to stay in set formats.  Initial programming for just the basic game play shouldnt be to hard anyways so i feel comfortable that i can make my own initial battle sequence even without things like RPG Maker
The initial battles will be based with all the crew in the control room of the yamato.  Characters will have have varying powers based on their jobs in the series.  for now all im going to try and tackle is this fighting mechanic (as seen in the construct image above)  but as i finish more i want to expand it more to the RPG aspects where you level up your party, choose which crew members to battle with, and even a world map.  But first things first.  In the long run i think construct to will give me more of the feature editing freedom i want.

Also i havent decided yet on the art style.  if i have time i might model out the bridge in 3D and render out 2D images.  For right now as place holders i am using screencaps from the show.
Bigdog robot model has been completed and i have begun animating it with Max's Cat rig.  My first render seems to have lost its lighting however.  The model itself walks a little strangly because the legs get to close to each other in compariston to actual video of the robot moving.  If i have the time i might broaden the stride before i render out findal animations.
Started modeling a BigDog quadruped robot for 3D environment class, so far I've gotten half of the front leg modeled

Lots of the pieces should be reusable in the legs but there are variations between the front and back legs up near the robot's torso.
Reference image
Current Leg Build
Last week we spend most of the day getting up to date with our programmers, telling them of the changes we wanted and some of the glitches that still need to be fixed.

I also modeled out better roots that will allow us to make the glowing mushrooms look more like they cohesively fit into the scene by entwining it with the surrounding rocks

using the same style i also made branching roots that we can use for the "doors"
They will descend down from the roof to block the player's progress.  The ones we had before looked out of place but with the new roots that will crawl out from the mushrooms should tie the mechanic together.

we are still having discrepancies with the lighting colors, so we are going to continue to make more color sheets.
I also made a new model for our frog enemy

The frog is going to block the player from accurately firing their snot. The new model is ready for rigging and animation but only a temporary texture has been made

We are still discussing whether to use animated textures or polygons to make the frog blink.  Appending new polys will probably end up being the final solution

The final Frog texture will probably glow as well and emit just like the mushrooms (not sure how good emissive white eyes are going to look, but we will see)